Deepfakes and deep media: A new security battleground

Deepfakes — media that takes a person in an existing image, audio recording, or video and replaces them with someone else’s likeness using AI — are multiplying quickly. That’s troubling not only because these fakes might be used to sway opinions during an election or implicate a person in a crime, but because they’ve already […]

AI, automation, and the cybersecurity skills gap

The cybersecurity skills shortage is well documented, but the gap seems to be widening. The 2019 Cybersecurity Workforce study produced by nonprofit (ISC)² looked at the cybersecurity workforce in 11 markets. The report found that while 2.8 million people currently work in cybersecurity roles, an additional 4 million were needed — a third more than […]

McAfee CTO: How AI is changing both cybersecurity and cyberattacks

Artificial intelligence is sweeping through almost every industry, layering a new level of intelligence on the software used for things like delivering better cybersecurity. McAfee, one of the big players in the industry, is adding AI capabilities to its own suite of tools that protect users from increasingly automated attacks. A whole wave of startups […]

AI can be an ally in cybersecurity

Fears surrounding AI and cybersecurity reflect very real risks. AI-powered malware isn’t a threat we need to worry about right now, but attackers have become adept at manipulating AI systems to their own advantage, essentially turning them against users. Widespread manipulation of the algorithms used on social media is already causing problems in many parts […]

Real-world AI threats in cybersecurity aren’t science fiction

For some, fears of AI lie in images of robot overlords and self-aware malware — the stuff of science fiction. Among the many threats we will deal with in the coming years, sentient AI taking over the world isn’t one of them. But AI that empowers cybercriminals is a very serious reality, even as some […]

To protect people, we need a different type of machine learning

Presented by Tessian Despite thousands of cybersecurity products, data breaches are at an all-time high. The reason? For decades, businesses have focused on securing the machine layer — layering defenses on top of their networks, devices, and finally cloud applications. But these measures haven’t solved the biggest security problem — an organization’s own people. Traditional […]

Podcast: Can AI fix broken IoT and smart home security?

Podcast host John Koetsier sat down for an interview with Cujo AI VP Marcio Avillez to discuss the problem of smart device and IoT security and what we can do about it using AI technologies. Can AI help prevent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and improve smart home security? Cujo AI says yes. The […]

Microsoft’s AI automatically comments on video clips

Generating live video captions with AI could bolster engagement on social media, or serve as a benchmark for the task of translating video to text. Preliminary work to this end has employed encoder-decoder models to generate comments, but they haven’t modeled the interaction between videos and comments explicitly, so they’ve tended to generate irrelevant comments. […]

Subscription strategies to drive your competitive advantage (VB Live)

Presented by Recurly It’s time to step up your subscription game in 2020! Real world case studies will show you how it’s done. Learn how hybrid commerce helps big brands maximize revenue growth and brand value, ensure business continuity, stay competitive with subscriptions and more, when you join this VB Live event. Register here for […]

Hired: AR/VR engineers replace blockchain programmers as hottest commodity

Augmented reality and virtual reality jobs are hot, with demand surging 1,400% in 2019, according to a new State of Software Engineers report by job site Hired. This means that AR/VR knowledge is the hot new thing, supplanting blockchain engineers, who according to Hired’s data were in demand a year ago. In last year’s report, blockchain […]