Carbon Relay raises $63 million to automate Kubernetes app deployment

Four out of ten enterprises report that they’re using Kubernetes, the open-source container-orchestration framework for automating app deployment, scaling, and management, in production environments. But challenges like management complexity, time-to-deploy, and unforeseen bugs threaten to diminish the productivity gains. That’s why former Apple senior manager Matt Provo in 2015 cofounded Boston and Washington D.C.-based Carbon […]

T-Mobile and Sprint win antitrust suit, paving road to merger

(Reuters) — A federal judge on Tuesday approved a merger between number 3 and 4 wireless carriers T-Mobile and Sprint, rejecting a claim by a group of states that said the deal would violate antitrust laws and raise prices. During a two-week trial in December, T-Mobile and Sprint argued the merger will better equip the […]

Are unicorns finally extinct? 

Presented by Dialpad 2019 was kind of a messy year for tech IPOs. It started well, but then it felt like everybody was rushing to “get out” before the economy went south or the window closed. We saw the rise and fall of big name brands, questioned business models that once made sense, and embraced […]

Atari acquires assets of Wonder, a hybrid mobile gaming and entertainment platform

Atari is acquiring the assets of Wonder, a gaming company that created a hybrid gaming platform for Android mobile devices. It’s a bittersweet moment for Wonder, as its ambitious platform wasn’t able to succeed on its own. But under Atari, its dream will continue. The purchase price was not disclosed. New York-based Atari plans to […]

2K Silicon Valley’s official studio name will be 31st Union

Call of Duty veteran Michael Condrey started a new game studio temporarily called 2K Silicon Valley in early 2019, and now the studio has an official name: 31st Union. The team has dozens of employees, including a number that used to work at Sledgehammer Games, the San Mateo, California-based studio that Condrey cofounded with Glen […]

Ring’s Neighborly Moments feature lets users spotlight good deeds

Ring, the smart device manufacturer that Amazon acquired for over $1 billion in February 2018, has attracted criticism from advocacy groups like Fight for the Future and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) for using its cameras and Neighbors app (which delivers safety alerts) to build a surveillance network via police partnerships. The EFF in particular […]

Aptiv’s self-driving cars have given Lyft passengers over 100,000 rides

It’s been roughly two years since Lyft partnered with Dublin, Ireland-based Aptiv (formerly Delphi) to launch a fleet of autonomous vehicles on the former’s ride-sharing network. A product of Aptiv’s mobility and services group, they became available to the Las Vegas public beginning May 2018 on an opt-in basis. The two hit 5,000 rides sometime […]

Supercell’s off year: revenues of $1.56 billion and profits of $577 million

Finland’s superstar mobile gaming company Supercell reported before-tax profits of $577 million on revenue of $1.56 billion, down from 2018 profits of $635 million on revenue of $1.6 billion. I guess you could call that a bad year. Supercell’s earnings always crack me up. The Helsinki maker of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale is […]

Nielsen: Total TV shows and movies increased 10% in 2019 thanks to streaming wars

As the various platforms battle for video streaming supremacy, this rivalry has ignited a rapid expansion in the amount of content available to consumers. According to the Total Audience Report released today by Nielsen, as of December 2019 U.S. consumers could choose from 646,152 unique program titles available on traditional linear and streaming services. That’s […]

Amber opens support studio in Mexico’s Guadalajara tech hub

Guadalajara has a new studio working on video games. AmberAmber, which refers to itself as a full-service game-development agency,a full-service game-development agency, is expanding to the Mexican city. This enables Amber to operate in another timezone while benefitting from Mexico’s “Silicon Valley.” The Guadalajara studio joins existing Amber divisions in Bucharest, Los Angeles, and San […]