WHO and game companies launch #PlayApartTogether to promote physical distancing

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the video game industry have teamed up on #PlayApartTogether, a promotional campaign that encourages healthy physical distancing by bringing special events, exclusives, activities, rewards, and inspiration to some of the most popular games in the world. Some of the industry’s biggest and most powerful companies — from Activision Blizzard […]

Candor: 267 companies have frozen hiring, 44 had layoffs, 36 rescinded offers, 111 are hiring

The coronavirus has taken a toll on the workforce, and now you can see a list of who’s hiring, freezing hires, laying off people, or rescinding job offers, according to crowdsourced data from Candor, a company that helps tech workers negotiate salaries. In a matter of hours, the list of more than 400 companies posted […]

Ashley Madison: Affairs in the time of coronavirus

Ashley Madison‘s tagline has taken on a new ring amid the COVID-19 pandemic — “Life’s short. Have an affair.” And the “married dating” site, used to conduct clandestine affairs, has found itself in the midst of a boom. Despite the fact that it’s harder than ever to physically meet up with a fellow cheater, Ashley […]

Our post-coronavirus world: How tech is influencing which new habits will stick

Over the last few weeks, as the coronavirus has swept across the globe, we have all had to dramatically adjust our daily lives. Even those of us who have worked remotely before find this new level of detachment a significant adjustment. During this time, I have also begun to wonder, when we emerge from this, […]

Valve, Microsoft, and HP are working on a ‘next generation’ SteamVR headset

Valve, Microsoft, and HP are collaborating to build a ‘”next generation” SteamVR headset, called HP Reverb G2. The current HP Reverb is the company’s second PC VR headset, with high resolution LCD panels and a focus on comfort. It’s $599. Its first was a cheaper model back in 2017, not significantly modified from Microsoft’s reference […]

How coronavirus is boosting booze, weed, and other vice industries

While many businesses are struggling to survive the crippling impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, others are seeing a surge in demand. The increased traffic spans bicycle stores, video-based social networking, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, “vice industries.” With social-distancing and self-isolation widely acknowledged as the best ways to counter the spread of COVID-19, demand for goods such […]

Behind the data-driven design of mobile games — How Games Make Money

Mobile game designers feel like the mad scientists of the development world. They work fast and are constantly adjusting formulas based on the tiniest changes in player data. And when one experiment blows up in their face, they’re ready to move on to whatever is next. On this week’s episode of How Games Make Money, […]

The RetroBeat: Games Done Quick will hold a special marathon to help with COVID-19 relief

Games Done Quick hit us with a bit bad news/good news today. Let’s give you the good news first! GDQ announced today that it will be hosting a mini-marathon, Corona Relief Done Quick. CRDQ will take place from April 17 to April 19. Sure, it’s not a week-long marathon, but that’s still three full days […]

iPad multitasking still stinks after 10 years — here’s how Apple could fix it

On April 3, 2020, Apple’s iPad tablets will officially be 10 years old, and I’ll celebrate 10 continuous years of using at least one of them literally every day. I’ve been a fan of the platform since before it was officially released — actually before it was even named — and on most days, I […]

Microsoft’s AI determines whether statements about video clips are true

In a paper published on the preprint server Arxiv.org, researchers affiliated with Carnegie Mellon, the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 AI Research describe a challenge — video-and-language inference — that tasks AI with inferring whether a statement is entailed or contradicted by a given video clip. The idea is to spur […]