13 Netflix Shows You Need to Watch… Right Now!

With the rise of streaming, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of the shows that are worth watching. 

Netflix has become the go-to place for shows that are best served binged. 

But which of those shows are worth watching? 

Here’s the 13 Netflix shows you need to watch!

1. Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Through three seasons, Stranger Things has proven to be one of the best shows on streaming. With crazy twists, witty one-liners, and a 1980s setting, it’s one show you do not want to miss.

2. Elite


Elite is like the lovechild of Gossip Girl and How to Get Away with Murder. It’s set in a prestigious private school that is rocked by the arrival of a group of teenagers from a public school. There’s sex, murder, and a whole lot of twists. Season 1 is available to stream globally, with a second and third in the works.

3. YOU


This show was a flop for Lifetime but became a worldwide success for Netflix. The reason? It’s best served binged! Penn Badgley plays a literal psychopath who becomes infatuated with a young woman he meets in the bookstore he works at. His obsessive nature puts not only the girl but her friends in mortal danger. It’s a wild ride from start to finish!

4. Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black focuses on the trials and tribulations of a group of women who are prisoners in Litchfield prison. With first-rate acting and compelling storylines, it is up there as one of the best TV shows. Ever.

5. Russian Doll

Russian Doll

Russian Doll features Natasha Lyonne as a woman who keeps dying and reliving the same party. She finds herself in some wild scenarios as she tries to avoid the grisly deaths someone has planned for her.

6. Mindhunter


Mindhunter is set in the late 1970s and focuses on two FBI agents who aim to expand criminal science by delving into the psychology of murder and get a little too close to some of history’s most notorious killers in the process.